MEAN Fullstack Engineer


August 26, 2017
6 weeks





MEAN is a free and open-source JavaScript software stack for building dynamic web sites and web applications.


The MEAN stack is MongoDB, Express.js, AngularJS (or Angular), and Node.js. Because all components of the MEAN stack support programs are written in JavaScript, MEAN applications can be written in one language for both server-side and client-side execution environments.

Node.js is a server side JavaScript execution environment. It’s a platform built on Google Chrome’s V8 JavaScript runtime. It helps in building highly scalable and concurrent applications rapidly.

Express is lightweight framework used to build web applications in Node. It provides a number of robust features for building single and multi page web application. Express is inspired by the popular Ruby framework, Sinatra.

MongoDB is a schemaless NoSQL database system. MongoDB saves data in binary JSON format which makes it easier to pass data between client and server.

AngularJS is a JavaScript framework developed by Google. It provides some awesome features like the two-way data binding. It’s a complete solution for rapid and awesome front end development.

MEAN FULL STACK  Course  Total 24 hours,6 weeks)

Time: Sat & Sun 7-9PM PDT

Apart from MEAN Stack projects, We also provide some other practice projects inside this course:

  1. iOS App Development: Based on the a real-world website, we will teach you to develop a iOS App version of it
  2. Internship in Our Partner Organization: IDEAS(International Data Engineering and Science Association: