Data Scientist Basics


August 26, 2017
6 weeks
$3,600.00 $3,000.00

Data Scientist Basics

This Program is designed to follow the latest data science trends, teaching our students with the most common and popular tools in machine learning and artificial intelligence. Our scientists and mentors design the program from the ground up, tailored to meet the needs of data science industry. We have our trainees developed comprehensive skill sets to fill the gap between university and the industry. Our in-house research & development team has created numerous data science projects from real industry consulting cases for students to practice. We want to have truly innovated environment for students to master big data workflow. The program effectively combined school research experience with hands-on practices to accelerate our students into professional data scientists.

  • Basic Courses closely combined with the needs of industry
  • All the courses in Data Application Lab are taught by experienced data scientists from well-known IT companies.
  • We will teach you the hands-on skills of data analysis, machine learning, data visualization etc., and build a solid foundation for your data scientist career path.
  • Professional TAs with strong experiences will answer questions and assist your study.
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What else can you expect?

  • Go together, we can go faster and further

Through our program, we can equip you with the best support to enter the field of data science. When you encounter problems, we will offer help in the earliest time so that you will break the learning barrier and not encounter the dilemma while self-learning.

  • World-Class Network

Our mentors and lots of past students are now working in various top technology companies. The networking with them will provide you a lot of benefits.

  • Experienced and devoted teaching team

Our skillful and highly responsible Teaching Assistants are here to help you tackle any problem you encounter during study and lead you step-by step. With their expert, nothing can block you from being an expert data scientist.

Our Data Scientist Basics Bootcamp is aimed to build a solid foundation of data science skills and help our students know how to get started to be a data scientist. This six-week Bootcamp will initiate your data scientist career path under the instructions of our expert and experienced mentors.