Growth Hacking

This training program is growth hacking boot camp and it allows you to kill two birds with one stone in a way that other programs do not.


July 13, 2019
9 Weeks

Application Procedure

  1. Finish Application
  2. Wait for contact
  3. Payment by instruction


The growth ninja learns the disciplines of growth hacking, she acquires the necessary knowledge, and applies the tactics while recognizing that the constant testing and practice of each discipline is the mark of a true master/growth ninja/growth hacker.

The growth ninja masters the data, the metrics that matter, and the money.

The growth ninja can make any company grow.

The growth ninja is invaluable.

Growth Ninjutsu is training for growth hackers, for employees and students alike who are determined to help company’s grow, for the growth ninja’s of today and tomorrow.

Course Curriculum