Data Scientist

Summer immersion Program offer the same coverage with Our 16-week program, but more intensive schedule, which contains basic data science knowledge teaching, in-progressing Kaggle Competition and several advanced practical projects. Students will master the problem-solving skills through the process of identifying market needs, preparing data, feature engineer, model selection, model optimization, and final result presentation. We will provide our students with the most cutting-edge technology and tools in data science industry, to help them turn into a professional data scientist from scratch, step by step.

Big Data Engineer

In our 16-week real internship projects, trainees will apply what they have learned from lectures in the first 8-week into practice. You will go through the End-to-End project, from identifying market and technical needs, developing the solution, to testing the initial product and deploying the final product.

Data Analyst in SQL

Our SQL course focuses on programming with T-SQL. It's designed to help students master the core knowledge of SQL.

Growth Hacking

This training program is growth hacking boot camp and it allows you to kill two birds with one stone in a way that other programs do not.


Part I focuses on elementary data structures, sorting, and searching. Topics include array list, linked list, stack/queue, hash table, binary search trees, and heap. Part II focuses on graph and three categories of algorithm: Divide and Conquer, Dynamic Programming and Greedy.

Business Analyst

9-week training to transform you into a business analyst with skill set on Advanced Excel, R, MySQL, Tableau, Google Analytics, and PowerBI skills.

Natural Language Processing

Topics related with Syntactic Processing, Semantic Analysis, Information Retrieval, Chart Parsing and etc, will be covered. Practical projects with real-world data will also be offered to students, along with step-by-step instruction on how to improve your results.

Python & Analysis

The class aims to introduce python to students who are interested in Python (w/ emphasis on financial quantitative analysis). Students require to have some experiences in programming with any language, college level math & dedicated study time.

Programming in Java

Pre-requirement class for Big Data Engineer Bootcamp This course introduces fundamental structured and object-oriented programming concepts and techniques, using Java, and is intended for all who plan to use computer programming in their studies and careers. Topics covered include basics of java, like variables, arithmetic operators, control structures, arrays, functions, recursion, dynamic memory allocation, files, […]

Data Scientist Basics

Data Scientist Basics This Program is designed to follow the latest data science trends, teaching our students with the most common and popular tools in machine learning and artificial intelligence. Our scientists and mentors design the program from the ground up, tailored to meet the needs of data science industry. We have our trainees developed comprehensive […]

Quantitative Finance Interview Training

We will cover 100 interview questions in quantitative finance including desk quant, quantitative trading, quant researcher, quant strategist, and risk management position in both sell side and buy side.