Business Analyst

8-week training to transform you into a business analyst with skill set on Advanced Excel, R, MySQL, Tableau, Google Analytics, and PowerBI skills.


June 17, 2017
9 Weeks

1.      About Business Analyst

Information Technology tremendous changes the world we live. How to collect data is no longer the problem for people doing business, but the issue is that how can a company “create value from data”.


More and more companies are willing to hire Business Analysts to figure out strategies or recommendations for development and

growth, and there are great demands in different industries: High Tech, Health Care, Finance, Retails…etc. In addition, the tools Business Analysts use are pretty various, including Excel, SAS, R, Tableau, Python and more. Business Analysts are also the bridges between IT and clients since they need to understand customer’s demands and boost potentia
growth for company. That is to say, Business Analyst is the person “who understand IT and business”, familiar with industry trends and analyze data to provide strategies—create value from numbers



2.      How can we help you? And what you will learn from the program?

Data Application Lab will help students learn the frameworks, theories and practices that have given rise to business analysis. Our instructors will go through essential business knowledge including Marketing strategies, Segmentation and Targeting, Business Development and Sales, Customer Experience and Pricing.
The courses combine theories and practices that allow students to figure out how tools can support Business Analyst finish comprehensive tasks. Instructors will introduce the most popular analysis tools such as Excel, MySQL,R and Tableau depends on course design and real situations. All of our course schedules help students get the idea, sharpen computer skills and strength critical thinking. The most important thing is that students will have confidence to communicate with experienced workers using business and technical language, and build the ability to solve problems in real business. So, are you ready to become a Business Analyst?


Our complimentary 6-session end-to-end career development program will help you establish effective communication skills and build a stronger career portfolio to succeed in career.


3. Who should take this course?

Business Analyst Training is the course designed for Business Analyst, Marketing Analyst, Data Analyst career path, for young professionals and students in statistics, applied match, social science background, economics, finance, communication management, MBA in marketing track, industrial engineering, engineering management background who are interested in Business Analytics or seek the chance to switch to this position.


4.  Program Design-“  frameworks, theories and practices ”

You will start from scratch to gain hands-on experience in R programming, MySQL, database management, data visualization with R and Tableau, and other statistical modeling cases. Ideally students understand basic business concepts or have business academic background will help you get with this training better. By partnering with emerging startup companies, we offer business consulting project experience and internship opportunity for you to work though the whole business analysis process under guidance for decision-making that drives positive impact.

Sample project # 1

Hmazing Marketing Analytics Project


Hmazing is an emerging company featuring monthly painting rentals. The word “Hmazing” is a blending word by handmade + amazing. Every artwork is unique piece 100% hand-painted using environmental friendly oil paints. It normally takes around 2 weeks for an artist to complete one painting. A professional craftsman will mount the canvas on stretcher bars and the then mount the artwork on a frame carefully selected by us. I.e., the artworks are created the same way the original paintings were created.

Technavio’s analysts forecast the wall décor market in the US to grow at a CAGR of 8.41% during the period 2016-2020.

Challenges: Start-up companies typically find it hard to increase their popularity in the beginning stage.

In this project, you will apply analytical thinking approach and data analytical tools such as Google Analytics, SQL, Tableau, R to explore customer insights, marketing campaign performance, and make significant impacts in a real business setting. In addition, you’ll also be able to get hands-on experience on marketing analytics approaches, how start-up companies use various marketing tools to expand and growth.



After finishing the program, you will be familiar with Business Analytics Project Lifecycle and Cross industry Standard Process for Problem Solving through real world case studies.


For detailed course information, please download the Syllabus.

So, are you ready to become a Business Analyst?

Join us at this 9-week training to transform you into an AWESOME business analyst!

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This 8 week program will provide essential business domain knowledge, sufficient skill set training, hands-on practice in lab session, and case studies on Customer Segmentation, Marketing Targeting, Business Development and Product Promotion and Pricing Strategy. Candidate who complete this program could perform comprehensive business analytical tasks including business requirement elicitation, data manipulation, statistic modeling implementation and business insight interpretation based on Advanced Excel, R, MySQL, Tableau, Google Analytics, PowerBI skills.