• 2016 North America Top Data Camp

      In October, rated as 2016Top Data Camp by leading technology magazine TechBeacon in North America, along with Data Incubator, Galvanize, and NYC Data Academy!

    • 2016 SVIEF (Silicon Valley Innovation & Entrepreneurship Forum)

      In October 2016, DAL reached talents delivery cooperation programs with a number of US Data Scientist Recruiters, China and the US Data Science AI Recruitment Organizations.

      In September 2016, in SVIEF Panel Discussion,DAL discussed Big Data and Cloud Computation with representatives from Ali Cloud, China Unicom, the United States well-known VC – Greylock Venture.

    • Wave of Data sweeping the East Coast

      October 15 – 23, visited MIT, NYU, Columbia University, University of Pennsylvania and other 5 universities, providing students and practitioners with Data Industry development analysis and career counseling, etc.

    • Socal Data Science Conference

      On September 25, 2016, DAL hosted Southern California Data Science Conference, brought 25 data scientists and CEOs together from IBM, Microsoft, LinkedIn, Bloomberg, Stratifyd, OpenMail, and Data Innovation Department of Los Angeles City Hall, attracting 625 data Scientific practitioners to attend this conference.

    • Internal Textbook Published

      In September 2016,the internal textbook for data science, which was edited jointly by multiple Silicon Valley Engineers and Data Application Lab, was published after a half year work.

    • The Kaggle contest

      In August 2016, Dr. L from MIT (traditional science and engineering direction) won Kaggle gold medal with consultation from DAL’s senior teacher Mr.C.

    • Recognized by the Industry

      In August 2016,an employee from the sunnyvale F.L.A.G joined our Data job training Camp. This is the third on-the-job student from First Tier Enterprise in North America.

    • Data Camp First Tier

      In July 2016, DAL was invited to exhibit at Big Data LA as the United States top data science education advisory organization.
      Big Data LA.

    • Education Cooperation

      In June 2016, DAL organized “data science antihistamine-meds.com camp”, and supported one of the top 3 high school in Beijing to achieve excellent grades as the youngest team participating National Data Science Contest in the United States.

      Business Cooperation Case

      In June 2016,held “Mai Mai Ti Risk Management Competition” together with Mai Mai Ti Finance, attracting more than 100 teams from 50 colleges and universities in North America.

      Successful Data-based Training

      In May 2016, Data engineers, data scientists and data analysts graduated from Data Application Lab spread across Facebook, eBay, Fanatics, Snapchat, LinkedIn, Discover, Spotify, Amazon, Sony and other large or small companies in the United States.

    • Recognition from the industry

      In April 2016, DAL was selected into Alpha Startup Incubator Program, and participated in 2016 Collision Tech Conference at New Orleans.

      Texas Campus Tour

      In April 2016,DAL held discussion panels with professionals and students from University of Houston, Rice University, UT Dallas, TAMU University to discuss the data-related careers.

      The 50th online public lecture

      In April 2016,DAL had held more than fifty “Weekly Industry Development Community Lectures”. These topics were covered: Business Application of Environmental Data, Data Means of Tracking Hackers, Data Talents Future Career Planning: Staying in the U.S. or Going back to China, Data Application comparison between China and America, The Prospect of Artificial Intelligence in The Credit Markets. These lectures had 10000 + online participants.

    • Data Information sharing in the Great Lakes region

      In March 2016,delivered public lectures of big data and data science career development at 8 universities including the University of Chicago, Northwestern University, Illinois Institute of Technology, University of Michigan, Michigan Ann Arbor University and etc., and offered help to transit to data scientists.

      Gaining Reputation

      In March 2016,Trainees in the second term got offers from Discover、Bloomberg、Ebay、Amazon, etc.

    • Remarkable results

      In November 2015,after two-month training, the first trainees found jobs.

    • Professional and Experienced

      In September 2015, the first term data engineer training started.

  • Technology Exploration

    From June to August 2015,DAL was invited to hold big data workshops in dozens of colleges and universities, such as UCLA, USC, UCSD, UCSB, UC Irvine, UC Riverside, discussing scholar papers with students and big data professionals, and conducting in-depth technical explorations.