Data Application Lab is a fast growing educational and consulting tech firm that serves talented individuals and leading organizations. We help our trainees gain the up-to-date data science knowledge in the industry. We help our clients dig insights from massive data sets and make lasting improvements to their performance. We are building a firm uniquely equipped to this task so our customers can realize their most important goals.

Engineering & Consulting Service

Our Engineering & Analytics team comes from a variety of backgrounds to bring innovatory ideas and solutions. We work together with clients to build data-driven solutions and applications. We combine the latest tech with deep industry expertise to help clients capture the true insights from data.

Today’s competitive business organizations need a combination of domain expertise, data, and technology. Thus we work closely with them. We provide a spectrum of IT & Big data integrated solutions to meet client’s desired level of business service. A variety of monitoring and reporting services ensure the needs and objectives of your business are being met.

Ranging from Data Center Infrastructure, Distributed big data system, to IT strategy and operating model, our Research & Development team continue to focus on emerging technology, bringing unique models to improve performance. Data Application Lab understands the complexities of today’s data challenging. Thus we work alongside our clients to advise, to drive change and implement new processes.

Educational Training Program

Ranked among top data camps in the U.S., our project-oriented big data training program is focused solely on your achievements and results; providing a sophisticated curriculum and framework to help guide your learning while supporting your data related career goals and knowledge gaps.

Designed by our in-house big data computer engineers and data scientists, projects in our data training program are tailored to address the up-to-date industry trends. They are customized to meet trainee’s unique needs and area of specialization, which will ultimately help to bolster their talent with immersive learning experiences, in a way to accelerate the study pace.

Backed by Data Application Lab’s vast alumni and partner network, you will have access to data specialists including more than hundreds of data scientists and engineers in the IT industry, providing you career advice and guidance.


More and more organizations are hiring data engineer, data scientist, data analyst, and business analyst. And you need the right people to succeed. We support short-termseasonalhigh-volume and niche contract requirements. We also provide contract-to-hire talent for project-based support with the option to hire our contractors as permanent employees or find the permanent top talent your company needs today.