Machine Learning Pipelines

Learn to create scalable pipelines for machine learning data preprocessing, labeling, training, inference , re-training and monitoring .


April 11, 2020 - 5:00 pm


April 11, 2020 - 6:00 pm


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Guest Speakers: Dr. Ali Arsanjani

Topics: Machine Learning Pipelines


Learn to create scalable pipelines for machine learning data preprocessing, labeling, training, inference , re-training and monitoring .
This session will discuss the types, usages, process for creating pipelines for usage in machine learning contexts, all the way from data prep to training, optimization, deployment, re-training.

Speaker’s Profile:

Dr. Ali Arsanjani is a Senior Specialist for Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Solutions Architecture Group with Amazon Web Services. Previously, Ali was Vice-president of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning for Deep Context, an AI consultancy that provides deep contextually relevant information for customer engagement. Previously, VP AI & ML at 8×8, cloud Communications. Dr. Arsanjani was responsible for research, productization and implementation of AI and ML in the UCaaS and CCaaS products. Ali is a hands-on machine learning executive and engineer/researcher with over 20 years experience implementing software systems that leverage service-oriented architecture, analytics and machine learning for IBM’s largest clients. Ali’s breadth of ML and DL expertise covers NLP/NLU/NLG, Deep learning ensemble models, anomaly/outlier/pattern detection and training, customer segmentation/churn/upsell analysis , voice/video and text analysis for conversational virtual assistant implementations. Ali is also Founder of Deep Context, a deep learning startup focused on Amalgamation of data for deeper actionable insights using contextual analysis. He is an advisor to startups and boards of larger companies. In his previous role (1998-2018) , he was an IBM Distinguished Engineer & IBM CTO for Analytics & Machine Learning, responsible for architectural implementations leading IBM services teams in customized machine learning and analytics solutions. Building teams across multiple geos in large-scale agile solution development he was considered the father of SOA.

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