Twofer - Mac Moore of Gridgain & Dale Kim of MapR

Join us for an evening of networking with Big Data professionals and learning about leading edge technology that is pushing the envelope of what Big Data can do.


November 12, 2014 - 6:30 pm


November 12, 2014 - 9:00 pm


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This talk will be a twofer, as the LA In-Memory Computing Group joins the Los Angeles Big Data Users Group to bring two excellent presentations from Mac Moore of Gridgain & Dale Kim of MapR.


Gridgain – Achieve Real-time Results with In-Memory Data Fabric


Join us for an evening of networking with Big Data professionals and learning about leading edge technology that is pushing the envelope of what Big Data can do.

In the presentation, we will provide an overview of general in-memory computing principles and the drivers behind it. We will start with a summary of the technical drivers (abundant hardware resources) and market forces (the rise of Big Data). We will cover popular and emerging use cases for in-memory computing, from financial industry trading platforms to mobile payment processing, online advertising, online/mobile gaming back-ends and more. We will then present some foundational concepts and terminology, and discuss considerations around any in-memory solution. From there, we will illustrate how a complete in-memory data fabric like GridGain combines clustering, high performance computing, in-memory data grids, stream processing and Hadoop acceleration into one unified and easy to use platform.

Bio:  Mac Moore – Solutions Architect, GridGain

As a Solutions Architect at GridGain, Mac helps enterprises improve the scale and performance of their applications and data using various components from the industry leading GridGain In-Memory Computing Platform – including Data Grid, Streaming and Hadoop Accelerator technologies. Prior to joining GridGain, Mac worked with other vendors in the in-memory space and also previously served as a Director of Information Systems in the higher-education sector. He has over 12 years of experience designing, developing, and integrating enterprise systems where performance and scalability are essential.

Title: MapR – Hadoop & NoSQL Joining Forces

Abstract: – More and more organizations are turning to Hadoop and NoSQL to manage big data. In fact, many IT professionals consider each of those terms to be synonymous with big data. At the same time, these two technologies are seen as different beasts that handle different challenges. That means they are often deployed in a rather disjointed way, even when intended to solve the same overarching business problem. The emerging trend of “in-Hadoop databases” promises to narrow the deployment gap between them and enable new enterprise applications. In this talk, Dale will describe that integrated architecture and how customers have deployed it to benefit both the technical and the business teams.

Bio:  Dale Kim – Director, Industry Solutions, MapR Dale Kim is the Director of Industry Solutions at MapR. His background includes a variety of technical and management roles at information technology companies. While his experience includes work with relational databases, much of his career pertains to non-relational data in the areas of search, content management, and NoSQL, and includes senior roles in technical marketing, sales engineering, and support engineering. Dale holds an MBA from Santa Clara University, and a BA in Computer Science from the University of California, Berkeley.
The event will be as follows:-

6:30-7 – Food/Drink & Networking 7:7:45 – Mac Moore

7:45-8:30 – Dale Kim

8:30-9 – Q&A & Wrap up